Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jesse Jr. fighting for children's healthcare. . .literally

The Omaha World Journal is reporting that Chicago Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. got into a heated exchange with Nebraska Congressman Lee Terry Tuesday night:

It started when Democrat Jackson said, during a contentious floor debate, that Republicans can't be trusted.

Republican Terry responded by telling Jackson to "shut up," then walked over to add that he had found the Illinois lawmaker's comment inappropriate.

Terry said Jackson let loose a profanity-filled tirade.

"I'm not going to turn with my tail between my legs," Terry said, "so I just stood there."

Then Jackson asked Terry if he'd care to step outside the chamber.

The debate that brought Terry and Jackson to the brink of fisticuffs came out of a dispute over the process that Democrats are using to push through proposals on children's health insurance. Republicans decided to vent their frustrations Tuesday night by holding up legislation on agriculture spending.

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