Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is this really news?

One must wonder what other potentially important story could have run in today's Chicago Sun-Times instead of this:

Stay in jail not healthy for Tank

May 30, 2007

Three square meals just wasn't enough for Tank Johnson.

Records obtained by the Sun-Times show the Chicago Bear spent almost $700 buying assorted junk food during the 60 days he spent in the Cook County Jail.

And while the 6-foot-3, 300-pound lineman is built like a vending machine, the roster of items he ordered reads like he raided one, too:

• 162 beef sticks

• 40 honey bun sweet rolls

• 35 summer sausage blocks

• 35 bags of barbecue chips

While he and other inmates were given things like a scoop of grits for breakfast, a bologna sandwich for lunch and a chicken leg for dinner, that's hardly enough for a massive professional athlete.

Instead, Johnson supplemented his diet by relying on the commissary and all the treats it offers -- though nutritionists don't advise anyone follow Johnson's food choices.

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