Monday, January 15, 2007

Obama speaks in Harvey on MLK Day!

Obama a hit as he honors King

January 15, 2007
BY GUY TRIDGELL Daily Southtown
U.S. Sen. Barack Obama came to Harvey this morning because he said the corruption-plagued, crime-ridden town is exactly the kind of place where Dr. Martin Luther King was needed.

"Some folks were surprised I would come to Harvey," Obama told a packed house at the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church celebration for the holiday honoring the slain civil rights leader.

"If I recall Dr. King, he wasn't hanging out in Manhattan. Dr. King was not in Beverly Hills. Folks said 'Why are you going to Harvey? Harvey has lots a problems.' I said that why I'm going to Harvey."

Obama said money sent to rebuild Iraq should be spent to rebuild Harvey, the one-time murder capital of the south suburbs and a town besieged by accusations of police corruption and political cronyism.

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