Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MySpace and other networking sites get blocked at school

Access denied: Schools block networking sites

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

By Christina Biggerstaff
Staff writer

Frankfort School District 157C is blocking access to Internet sites that pose a risk for students, focusing on those that allow users to post personal information while communicating with friends.

District 157C Supt. Robert Madonia said the district is being "proactive rather than reactive with an issue that is of concern for any student."

Sites similar to and including are those that concern district officials. Such Web sites are problematic and can pose a threat because people can access them for inappropriate and illegal activity, according to a recent letter sent by the district to parents.

In addition, district officials contend that the sites often interfere with the educational process.

The use of any school-related material on these sites is something for which the school can exercise disciplinary action, Madonia said. Posting names or pictures of District 157C employees inappropriately or defaming anyone's character qualifies as interfering with the educational process, he said.

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