Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lake Forest to ban pigs

3 big piggies must leave Lake Forest
Walgreen gets almost 5 years to move pets

By Susan Kuczka
Tribune staff reporter

September 6, 2006

The Lake Forest City Council voted Tuesday night to ban pigs from the community but gave Estelle Walgreen an extra four years to move her three pets out of town.

The surprise decision elated Walgreen, the city's sole owner of potbellied pigs.

"I'm happy. My children will be done with grammar school by that time, so we could move as a family all together," Walgreen said.

The council, which tentatively approved the ban last month with an effective date of next Sept. 1, approved an extension to 2011 in a 6-2 vote after Walgreen argued that anything less would be a "death sentence" for her two older pigs.

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