Friday, September 01, 2006

Kass raises some good points in this column

John Kass in the Chicago Tribune writes about the BB gun shooting of Katerina Pavlatos and how the three teenagers from Glenview who did it got off lightly. This is especially appalling considering that earlier this summer a teenager from Cabrini Green was seriously injured when he pulled a BB on a Chicago Police officer. Something does not seem right when deadly force is used on a kid with a BB gun, while kids who actually shot somebody with their BB gun get off with a slap on the wrist.

Katerina Pavlatos is thinking about leaving Chicago, where she raised her children and paid her taxes while building that incredible garden in the back yard of her North Side home.

There's been a change in the 76-year-old grandmother, ever since she was shot in the face with pellet guns by teenagers from Glenview who were working across the alley, painting a building for Swedish Covenant Hospital.

The police whitewashed the July 31 shooting. A teen "peer jury" slapped the boys' wrists with only 25 hours each of community service. The boys and their parents, including a mother who is also senior vice president at the hospital, have not apologized.

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