Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cop has sex with boyfriend in hot tub, gets busted

Tub tryst lands cop in hot water

September 28, 2006


As the star witness, the state called on a boyish high school sophomore with a mop of tousled hair.

The defendants, a soberly suited and neatly combed 11-year Cook County sheriff's lieutenant and her boyfriend, are tagged as perpetrators of public indecency.

Their purported crime? Steamy hot tub sex on a fall afternoon in far southwest suburban Lockport. Now they're standing trial on the charge.

The boy and his mother, who live next door, called the cops on their alleged love-making neighbors, Kelly Mrozek, 38, and 22-year-old Mark Sumner of Orland Park, last November.

On Wednesday, the couple went to trial in a Will County courtroom in an unorthodox finale for a single misdemeanor charge.

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