Friday, February 10, 2006

Daley upset with Guillen, needs life . . .

. . .its kind of ridiculous for Mayor Daley to be upset with Ozzie for choosing a family vacation over a White House visit, doesn't he have bigger issues to worry about? Rumor has it Da Mayor won't participate in any public events on Sundays because that is family day, well isn't Ozzie entitled to a little family time before the start of a long baseball season?

Guillen skipping D.C. trip irks Daley

By Gary Washburn
Tribune staff reporter
Published February 10, 2006

Mayor Richard Daley tried not to criticize the man who guided his beloved White Sox to a World Series championship last season, but he acknowledged Thursday he is "disappointed" manager Ozzie Guillen and some other members of the team won't travel to the White House to be honored next week.

Daley is a Guillen admirer and rode with him in the city-sponsored parade after the Sox won last October.

Guillen a few days later visited City Hall, where he and the mayor posed for countless photographs before the Sox skipper was honored at a City Council meeting.

But Daley clearly was not happy on Thursday with the news that there will be less than 100 percent participation at the White Sox's White House visit.

"I don't know who you are," he said. "Maybe you think you're too important. I think Ozzie is on vacation or something. I mean, that is up to him. But you don't realize how precious that is, and very few Americans have ever been in the White House. To me, that is a privilege for anyone to be."

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When Daley says "Maybe you think you're too important," it strikes me a tad bid immature, but that is just me.

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