Sunday, December 04, 2005

Update: Cheerleader sued for delivering beatdown following alleged saphic bathroom romp

It appears that the woman who was punched by a Carolina Panther cheerleader accused of a "lesbian sex act" has sued her.

Lawsuit Filed in Alleged Cheerleader Lesbian Sex Scandal

By Jim Roberts
Dec 4, 2005

Former Carolina Panthers cheerleaders Renee Thomas is being sued by a woman she allegedly punched in a bar in Tampa in early November.

Melissa Holden, 26, of Tampa, was waiting in line in the bathroom of a Tampa bar on Nov. 6 when Victoria Renee Thomas punched her, police said, according to an AP report.

Thomas was accused by some patrons of engaging in a lesbian sex act with fellow Carolina Panthers TopCat cheerleader Angela Keathley in the bathroom stall.

She later denied having sex with Angela.

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Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to the term beatdown.

pete said...

Gives new meaning to the term beat down