Wednesday, November 30, 2005

15 year old girl dies after kissing boyfriend

This is an interesting and tragic story, one has to feel for all involved, but it must really be hard on her boyfriend who will most likely carry guilt for the rest of his life.

Boyfriend Unaware of Deadly Peanut Allergy

By PHIL COUVRETTE, Associated Press Writer
Wed Nov 30, 4:43 PM ET

Thinking she was having an asthma attack, Christina Desforges burst into a friend's room and woke him in a desperate search for medicine.

Friends called an ambulance as her breathing grew labored, but Desforges collapsed a moment after she stepped outside. She died four days later.

It quickly became clear the 15-year-old girl succumbed to a peanut allergy — not from nuts she ate, but a peanut-butter sandwich her boyfriend had consumed before kissing her that day.
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