Saturday, July 16, 2005

So I am in SuperCuts reading Ebony and I stumble across this. . .

Today I went to SuperCuts for my weekly haircut and as I waited I picked up the June 2005 issue of Ebony and I read the following letter to the "Ebony Advisor" from a man who is married to an identical twin.

My wife has an identical twin, and the only way to tell them apart is that my wife lost a toe as a girl in a farming accident. One night last month, I noticed something strange while in bed alongside my wife: None of her toes was missing. I realized it wasn't my wife, but her twin. It turns out that my wife and her twin had been trading beds several times a week since my brother-in-law had surgery eight years ago and stopped having sex with his wife. My sister-in-law had two children, who it turns out are mine. If her husband finds out, he might kill me. If I don't look at the feet before we go to bed, I don't know which one I'm sleeping with. What should I do?


That letter to the "Ebony Advisor" was almost out done by this one:

A professional woman at 37, I began a relationship with a guy and it's gotten to be very serious. But he has lied to me from the start. When we first met, he showed me a fake I.D., saying he was 30 years old. It really hurt when I recently found out he is really a 17-year-old high school senior. But I've fallen deeply in love with him.What should I do?

Deceived in Jacksonville


To read both letters as well the responses from the "Ebony Advisor" linked from FindArticles please click here.

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